What is system testing?

I chose this topic because I tend to forget exactly what kinds of tests are being done when system testing is mentioned. The term is very vague so I thought it’d be smart to write my own explanation of it. I chose the specific article “What is System Testing?” because I’ve used articles from this website before and have found them to be helpful.

To start, system testing is the testing of a complete and integrated software system. The important part of this is to recognize an entire system and not just one program. Interfaces, programs, and hardware are integrated frequently and there needs to be a way to test how they all work as a system. System testing is how this can be achieved.

System testing is one type of black box testing (as opposed to white box testing). System tests examine how software works based on a user’s perspective. One of the things being tested are the fully integrated applications in an end to end testing scenario. This checks for how components interact with each other as well as the system as a whole. Inputs in the application will be tested and compared to what is the expected outputs are. Lastly, a user’s experience is also part of the system testing to ensure the system flows and can be navigated smoothly by the end user.

While system testing is extremely important it’s not the only type of testing needed and it’s important to realize when it needs to be conducted. Typically it will be towards the end of the development cycle as most of the system needs to be operating correctly in order to properly execute the test cases. Unit testing and integration testing will come prior to system testing and usually acceptance testing will follow.

While there are quite a few types of system some of the more popular types include usability, load, regression, recovery, and migration.

After reading this article I definitely have a better and clear understanding of what system testing is. I think this article gave good explanations and included a helpful video as well. In order to actually implement system testing on a project I’d need to do some further reading on one of the specific types in order to decide what type best covers my system. I haven’t had the need to really implement system testing so far mainly because my programs have been relatively simple. As I head to the work force this type is testing will become very important working on much larger systems.



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